Hi Gary, put a pound of tri-based carbon in my horse tank plus cleaned all pre filters. Added Right Now....a couple of hours later the nitrates were down from 40 to 20... this morning they were down to 10. I think I will really like the product. Last mon. my seahorse had 16 babies...all doing well ..added carbon and bacteria to all filters ...sea horses are eating and playing much better this morning...
I’ve been using Chloradsorb every few days and it seems superior to other products that I’ve used in the past. I also use the IAD every time we transport fish. I believe that the IAD is also working as advertised. We used to lose a lot of bait in the first few days prior to using your stuff. Now we only lose a fraction of the bait.

I’m going to recommend your products to another guy that keeps live bait so don’t be surprised if another crazy fisherman starts asking you questions.
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