Right Now! Bacteria Saltwater

Right Now! Bacteria Saltwater
Right Now! Bacteria Saltwater

Right Now! Bacteria Saltwater

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Unlike other bacteria on the market, US and Foreign Patented Right Now! Bacteria® makes owning an aquarium a very enjoyable experience

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  1. Totally AEROBICALLY cycles your aquarium in 24 Hours when used as directed. (See directions on how to use RIGHT NOW! BACTERIA®)
  2. Reduces and eliminates NitratesPhosphates and Potash AEROBICALLY for a cleaner looking aquarium and pond
  3. Consumes Sludge. Add fish five minutes after adding Right Now Bacteria
  4. Eliminates protein bubbles on top of your aquarium water, less equipment you need to buy
  5. Simplifies aquarium maintenance
  6. Consumes fish oil on the water's surface for greater Oxygen exchange
  7. Reduces Deadly Eutrophication so your fish and invertebrates may live safely in your aquarium
  8. Bio Resistant to Copper and other heavy metals found in the aquarium
  9. Establishes the total 24 hour Nitrogen Cycle!
  10. No refrigeration is necessary. 5 year shelf life with no spoilage
  11. Malachite Green or Copper will not kill Right Now Bacteria nor upset the New Nitrogen Cycle
  12. Makes unsightly aquariums crystal clear

Right Now Bacteria® is laboratory proven to reduce Nitrates-aerobically-the only product on the market to do so. People who have bought Right Now!® Bacteria have also bought the Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon for Aerobic Nitrate reduction, 24 hour cycling and a permanent Bio Platform. The Right Now® bacteria and Tri Base carbon together are the ideal filtration to maintain delicate invertebrate and fish species in your aquariums.