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Exclusive One of A Kind Aquarium Filter Tank

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Red Torpedo Exclusive One of A Kind Aquarium Filter Tank

Durable, lightweight filter tank designed specifically to maximize media load!

Simply put, this 1 canister can handle fishtank maintenance ranging from 35 gallons to 75 gallons. Built especially for using the Hiatt Tri-Base Carbon, which also has incredible surface area. The media can be cleaned in 60 seconds without taking apart the unit.


  1. Holds approx 13 pounds of Tri Base Pelletized Carbon
  2. Holds approx 26 pounds of pH Adjustment Rock
  3. True one inch in and one inch out fittings
  4. No internal restrictions a full one inch flow
  5. Pressure tested 150 PSI
  6. One inch NPT threads
  7. Fresh or salt water aquariums
  8. When used with the Tri Base Pelletized Carbon and Right Now! Bacteria DOES reduce fish loss BIG TIME!
  9. Larger tanks are available.
  10. Enough for a 75 gallon aquarium tank for 24 Hour Cycling.
  11. Limited one year against defects in workmanship. Not against dropping, hot water use, air pressure use, or solvent use.

Aquarium Tri base carbon is not included.